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How to be healthy in a natural way?

Who are we

How2behealthy is a natural health company focused on offering all-inclusive natural health therapies & subscriptions to our customers. We believe that it is important to take responsibility for your own health in order to achieve an optimal health and stay young.

Out main treatment areas are: food counceling, Bach flowers, natural medicines like natural supplements, herbs and gemmo therapy, manual therapies & iridology. 

What do we offer

How to be healthy is a frequently asked question which is not easy to answer anymore these days. A healthy lifestyle and a younger appearance is within your reach! How2behealthy helps you to feel better, look younger and to be healthy in a natural way!

Are you a foreigner living in the Netherlands or abroad and you need professional counseling? If you are not able to go to one of our How2behealthy therapists on location,  we would like to assist you remotely by skype! How to be healthy was never easier!


Remote personal coach

Individual health plan: nutrion advice and natural medicine


Intake free of charge

Individual health plan based on online survey and food diary

1 | 3 | 5 | or 10 sessions 


Discount on How2behealthy products & supplements

E-book: recipes & health tips


Become your own health expert

New lifestyle: more energy, look younger, live longer!

Special offer!

  • 1 How2behealthy skype session (1 hr) - €45

  • 3 How2behealthy skype sessions (1 hr) - €120

  • 5 How2behealthy skype sessions (1 hr) - €180

  • 10 How2behealthy skype sessions (1 hr) - €330

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